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Thursday, December 15, 2005


next year's kulturama/artefact festival promises to be simply enchanting..
a whole week of high quality electronic music from some of the main players in the scene
i myself am playing a dub-reggae set before ricardo villalobos' live set and a more minimal techno set after paul st. hilaire and scion
two days earlier, after the apparat concert, i will do a special (experimental) electronic set
check out the full line-up below

~Scape labelnight: Pole, Jan Jelinek & band, Andrew Pekler
15/02/2006, 20.30 Labozaal @ Stuk Leuven
7 euro

Apparat + Rotorscoop (+visuals)
16/02/2006, 21.30 Labozaal @ Stuk Leuven

Ricardo Villalobos, live
Paul St. Hilaire, live (Rhythm & Sound) with Scion
18/02/2005, 20.30 Labozaal @ Stuk Leuven
7 euro

Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto
+ aMute
18/02/2006, 20.30 Soetezaal @ Stuk Leuven
7 euro


Maryanne Amacher
Michael J. Schumacher
13/02/2006, 20u30 Soetezaal @ Stuk Leuven
7 euro

Chris Watson
Olivia Block
14/02/2006, 20u30 Cinema Zed @Stuk Leuven
7 euro


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