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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

best of 2006...

close to heartbreaking...providing an overview of your favourite records is never easy, you just have to get used to the idea that you'll surely forget about some stuff...
below is the list i provided for the JJ Records email update + some other stuff is mentioned here, as it also rocked my musical universe in 2006...
you don't even have to look closely to realize this year i got deeply into dubstep (after breaking a lot of Burial tracks already in 2005, during my warm up gigs for the Statik Dancin' party) and was also extremely impressed by the return of the Berlin Hardwax crew of Pete, René and Torsten Pröfrock...albums by Scott Walker, Matmos and Boxcutter provided solace and awe...and the Catenaccio label was by far the most interesting minimal label around...

(above picture by ronny wertelaers) favourite 2006 records...
andy stott – 'merciless', 'the nervous ep', 'choke/for the love' – modern love
burial – 'burial' – hyperdub
kode 9 – 'memories of the future' – hyperdub
skream – 'skreamizm vol. 1' – tempa
ricardo villalobos – ' fizheuer zieheuer' – playhouse
t++ - 'aquatic/storm', 'space pong/space break' – erosion
substance & vainqueur – 'surface/immersion' – scion versions
scott walker – 'the drift' – 4ad
benjamin fehr/ffwd – 'before we crawl ep' – catenaccio
melody boy 2000 – 'monotone fantastique' – futuro advertising agency (previously released on dum in 1994)

and...some other stuff...
shackleton/mordant music - 'i want to eat you/hummdrumm' - mordant music
skream - 'skream' - tempa
skream - 'tapped/dutch flowerz' - tempa
boxcutter - 'oneiric' - planet mu
vex’d 'degenerate' - planet mu
various - 'mary ann hobbs warrior dubz' - planet mu
pinch - 'qawwali' - planet mu
sleeparchive - 'hospital tracks' - sleeparchive
monolake - 'alaska remixes (surgeon/substance remixes)' - imbalance
rhythm & sound - 'smy remixes (carl craig remix)'- burial mix
rhythm & sound - 'smy remixes (sleeparchive remix)' - burial mix
soundstream - 'love jam' - soundstream
matmos - 'the rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast' - Matador
audion - 'mouth to mouth' - spectral
arthur russell - 'first thought best thought' - audika
pinch - 'punisher (loefah/skream mix)' - planet mu

Friday, December 15, 2006

sonic sunset

beyond words…
a repress of one of the most essential and futuristic techno records ever released…
‘sonic sunset’ by model 500 (juan atkins, co-procuced by moritz von Oswald)…
these last months, i’ve often spun the ‘neptune’ track of this…
now it’s back out for you to lose your breath to…

model 500
sonic sunset

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

this x-mas...

flyer designed by modyfier

on 23.12.2006, am doing a 'kind of' christmas party at café belga, with some 'christmassy' records and some others of course,
an antidode for what's ahead ?
a painful decent into every metaphysical aspect of wham's 'last christmas' ?
we'll see what happens...

café belga
place flagey
1050 brussels