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Thursday, February 21, 2008

manna night session feat. roger 23 + sensu +mck

Manna - Night Sessions ...

Granted, Manna is a biblical name, but other than the intention to feed your soul, any religious statement is alien to our goals.
Manna focuses on leftfield dance and electronic music, intending to create events out of the ordinary, musically touching upon house, techno, minimal, dubstep, electronica and all their possible subdivisions, Manna started out as a musical Sunday afternoon concept, but is now venturing into organising parties at night, with a first collaboration with Bota Bar coming up. For this
first Night Sessions edition, we have invited Roger 23. Part of the Swayzak Soundsystem and firmly established as a dj that spins deep, moving and relentless house and electro, he's also an accomplished producer with releases on Playhouse, Volt, etc. Accompanied by Manna residents MCK and Sensu, the first Manna Night Session will blow the underground into the overground once again, right until dawn this time.

Roger 23

Paired with a mountainous knowledge of music and an innate sensibility for hypnotizing people under his electronic spell, world renowned dj, producer and musical magician Roger23, descends upon Saarbrucken.
Mixing electro, house, techno and futuristic ear candy. His style and rhythm have catapulted him to play at many of the major clubs and cities throughout Europe including Berlin, Paris, Istanbul & London. Sophisticated, spontaneous, energetic and dropping a beat so sick your hips will have the flu. His magic wand is ready, yet again, to transform the dance floor into an intergalactic musical adventure. All you need is your spacesuits and soon you'll be dancing on the surface of the moon.


Eclectic, kind of minimal dj from Brussels, Belgium. Spinning minimal house and techno, dub, dubstep, grime, reggae and experimental electronic music. Producing tracks as Kiono together with Koltempleister of Silur, fusing minimal, dubstep and experimental influences. Former Statik Dancin' resident, started out as experimental and ambient dj and these influences are still present in his dj sets today. A member of the Plain and Manna collectives, Sensu's sets are firmly rooted in the electronic underground, with an ever present ambition to make the unheard heard, to unveal the texture of the space between beats, without ever forgetting the beats themselves.


One of those hillbillies from the east of Belgium, now living in brussels. Started as a classical trumpet player, then got in touch with electronic dance music in 1990, influenced by his older brother and dj Mandrax who went out to clubs like boccaccio, la rocca, etc... Started buying records in '97 and has been organising parties and concerts since '98 - first with Klangforschungost, then programming and co-programming the electronic music line-up of the Alive festival from '99 until '02 and at present part of Meakusma and Manna and member of the Lamadameaveclechien collective.

high tone + sensu @ café belga

french dub band high tone + after show by sensu

nauru feat. sensu & tuks ...

... spinning underground pop music and more ...

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

bbc radiophonic workshop